Creative Coaching and Intuitive Guidance

We work together to use creativity as the path to self-discovery, clearer self-expression, and self-healing to transform your quality of life and confidence, and connect with your purpose through mindful, practical steps.

I support you by:

  • Sharing clear intuitive guidance on what to do right now to help you “unstuck”
  • Bringing attention to recurring patterns and helping you move past them
  • Guiding you through a simple process to help you tap into your intuition and step into your truth
  • Offering tips on how to seed and feed creative ideas and bring them into your life and or business
  • Helping you awaken to who you are, acknowledge and embrace your true self to step into your power as a creator.

Moving forward; bypassing creative blocks and negative life transitions, and heal yourself, I offer creativity coaching, intuitive guidance sessions and avenues of self growth support.

Through my intuitive guidance and, one on one or group meditation you will be able to:

  • Jump-start creative self-discovery
  • Clarify what you really want
  • Gain clarity about mental and emotional blocks, old patterns and self-sabotaging behaviors
  • Discover simple ways to tap into, and trust, your intuition
  • Learn how to strengthen your inner creative connection and call on it in everything you do
  • Fine tune your voice or the voice of your business
  • Find ways to be happier with what you are creating in your life and connect with your purpose

As your guide and mentor, I will help you shine the spotlight on you in order to help shift how you feel about yourself. This will allow you to transform your old seeds of lifestyle, release physical and emotional blocks and provide guidance on your transformation as we sow the creative seeds of your journey. I will act as a sounding board to help guide you through your unique self discovery process.

The Process of Becoming your true authentic self – The True Creative passage

As you gain proficiency and understanding of the life changing concepts, some people are driven to further share the gifts by becoming a Serenity Vibrational Healing practitioner. As you begin to incorporate the benefits of becoming empowered for a more positive life, you can share your gifts of truly living in your free mind, body and spirit and release where many are in their pothole of life. By releasing these areas of yourself beliefs you will be guided to your full natural authentic truth personally and professionally. Every one has a different situation and a unique direction.

I will be coaching you to reconnect to your authentic creative self through my creativity coaching and intuitive guidance services, and/or provide content consulting to help you connect with your true inner voice.

Deciding to move towards change can feel like one of the scariest steps, but it doesn’t have to – in fact — it’s the most powerful step because it finally puts you on a path of inner clarity, relaxes the mind and opens the heart so you can connect with your natural creative flow. Then creativity becomes a way of life.

When you can move through each step without fear and express there authentic self it makes the world a peaceful place to live in. Make contact for me to guide you through your next step, helping you tap into those creative seeds within you and transform you through your journey for self healing, clarity and more joy.

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